Kathleen A. Mccormick, PhD, RN | Authors

Including Oncology Outcomes of Care in the Computer-Based Patient Record

November 01, 1995

Changes in the health care system have caused a shift in research to outcomes of care, effectiveness, efficiencies, clinical practice guidelines, and costs. The greater use of computer systems, including decision support systems, quality assurance systems, effectiveness systems, cost containment systems, and networks, will be required to integrate administrative and patient care data for use in determining outcomes and resource management. This article describes developments to look forward to in the decade ahead, including the integration of outcomes data and clinical practice guidelines as content into computer-based patient records; the development of review criteria from clinical practice guidelines to be used in translating guidelines into critical paths; and feedback systems to monitor performance measures and benchmarks of care, and ultimately cost out cancer care. [ONCOLOGY 9(Suppl):161-167, 1995]