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Outline of Oncology Therapeutics

June 01, 2001

Outline of Oncology Therapeutics is a well-written, concise, and up-to-date book providing detailed descriptions of a variety of medications and issues important to the overall care and treatment of patients with cancer. Oncology practice today

Neoadjuvant Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer

June 01, 2001

The article entitled "Neoadjuvant Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer," by Drs. Evans, Wolff, and Crane, is an excellent review of past and current developments in adjuvant therapy for pancreatic cancer. In addition to a thorough literature review, the authors draw on their own extensive experience in neoadjuvant therapy for pancreatic cancer at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Recent Progress in Radioimmunotherapy for Cancer

July 01, 1997

The article by Meredith and LoBuglio represents a thorough description of the clinical strategies that have been attempted with radioimmunoconjugates. The authors appropriately point to the extraordinary promise of these agents in the treatment of hematologic malignancies. They also acknowledge the disappointments that have been encountered in the systemic therapy of solid tumors, while noting that there may be some reason for optimism regarding locoregional administration of radioimmunoconjugates.

Diagnostic Use of Radiolabeled Antibodies for Cancer

July 01, 1995

Antibodies against a variety of tumor-associated antigens have been studied, as well as a number of modifications to the antibodies themselves, including Fab' fragments and chimeric, humanized, and human