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Patients look for answers on Web but trust it less

August 09, 2010

Glut of e-health information has put public in a ‘data smog.’

International cancer diagnosis, treatment varies widely

May 17, 2010

Coverage in most countries is universal, but limited resources can sometimes hinder how much coverage a person can expect.

Community cancer centers weather rough economy

April 14, 2010

Early survey results from the Association of Community Cancer Centers indicate that practices are scaling back in some areas but also that their overall financial outlook is healthy.

Smoking cessation requires unremitting reinforcement

October 20, 2009

Quitting smoking during radiation treatment for lung and head and neck cancer significantly enhances treatment efficacy, yet many patients will not give up the habit even though the benefits are very obvious.

Prostate cancer pilot program stresses patient-oriented care

September 29, 2009

The Association of Community Cancer Centers recently surveyed its members and found a universal request for assistance in developing prostate cancer care programs. The ACCC responded by setting up pilot programs in the U.S. that focus on the following areas:

New Doxil-based regimens don’t fly with FDA advisors

August 26, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC-Two separate new drug applications, for the treatment of relapsed ovarian cancer and advanced breast cancer, failed to win the approval of FDA’s Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee.

Healthcare advocates call for universal coverage, acknowledge challenges

July 27, 2009

Washington, DC-The idea of universal healthcare coverage was a crowd pleaser at the 2009 Annual Advocacy Training Conference of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, but expert panelists agreed that making that dream into a reality will take time and perseverance.

Strategic planning in tough times calls for nimble thinking, viable plan of action

June 18, 2009

Despite dismal economic times, there are significant opportunities for growth for cancer centers, according to a presenter at the 2009 Association of Community Cancer Centers meeting.