Mehra Golshan, MD | Authors

Commentary (Golshan/Iglehart): Surgical Management of Hepatic Breast Cancer Metastases

November 01, 2005

In general, surgery has no role inthe curative treatment of metastaticbreast cancer. Metastatic breastcancer is considered incurable, associatedwith an average survival of 18 to24 months. Certain factors such as hormone-receptor negativity, HER2/neupositivedisease, and a short disease-freeinterval portend a poor prognosis. Theliver is not usually a site of initialfailure-less than 15% of patients fitthis pattern.[1] Even fewer are candidatesfor surgical resection due toextrahepatic disease. Eventually, overhalf of all patients with metastatic diseasewill have liver metastasis duringtheir clinical course.