Michel Bolla, MD | Authors

Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy Benefits Prostate Cancer Patients Treated With Radiotherapy

November 01, 1997

To investigate the potential use of adjuvant hormonal therapy, a randomized, prospective trial was conducted among patients with locally advanced prostate cancer, comparing irradiation alone, with irradiation plus hormonal treatment with goserelin, an agonist anologue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone that reduces testosterone secretion. A total of 415 men under 80 years old with locally advanced disease and no previous treatment for prostate cancer were initially recruited, with data available for analysis on 401 of these patients. Preliminary results at 33-months’ follow-up suggested that goserelin started at the onset of external irradiation improved both local control and 5-year survival. Updated results at 45 months confirm these data. The overall 5-year survival rate for those treated with goserelin in addition to radiotherapy was 79%, compared to 62% in the radiotherapy only group. The localized control rate was 97% in the combined treatment group compared to 77% in the radiotherapy only group. [Oncol News Int 6(Suppl 3):21-22, 1997]