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HER2-Positive Breast Cancer: The Story Goes On

April 15, 2014

It will be critically important to await the longer-term DFS and OS results from the neoadjuvant studies, as well as the adjuvant studies evaluating dual HER2 blockade, prior to these approaches truly becoming the standard of care.

Hematopoietic Management in Oncology Practice

December 01, 2003

This timely and elegant articleby Glaspy reviews current datasupporting the clinical role ofhematopoietic growth factors. As theauthor thoroughly discusses, the introductionof myeloid and erythroidregulatory proteins more than a decadeago has had a dramatic impacton the care of patients with a varietyof cancers and hematologic disorders,as well as other diseases. A large bodyof research allows us to draw someimportant conclusions about the rationaland appropriate use of theseagents. However, as stated in thisarticle, a number of important questionsremain.