Peter Ravdin, MD, PhD | Authors

Docetaxel in Combination With Flourouracil: Study Design and Preliminary Results

June 01, 1997

The relatively recent introduction of a new class of chemotherapeutic agents--the taxoids--has raised hope of improved survival for patients with advanced or metastatic cancer. Following encouraging preclinical results of taxoid combinations, this phase I, nonrandomized trial was designed to evaluate a 1-hour intravenous infusion of docetaxel (Taxotere) on day 1 combined with fluorouracil (5-FU) as a daily intravenous bolus for 5 consecutive days.

Use of Predictors of Recurrence to Plan Therapy for DCIS of the Breast

March 01, 1997

The Van Nuys Prognostic Index (VNPI) is, in many ways, the best current approach for classifying patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) according to their risk of local recurrence after breast-conserving therapy. However, this index has very important limitations.