Author | Renato Lenzi, MD, FACP


Unknown Primary Carcinomas: Diagnosis and Management

April 02, 2005

Unknown primary carcinomas are a significant health problem, constituting 3% to 10% of all tumors diagnosed in the United States each year [1,2]. While the majority of patients with metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary origin have short survival times and disease resistant to treatment, recent findings suggest that certain subsets of patients have tumors that are responsive to chemotherapy. Others can be successfully treated with regional therapy.

The Human Side of Cancer: Living With Hope, Coping With Uncertainty

August 01, 2001

Written by Jimmie C. Holland, MD, and Sheldon Lewis, this book focuses on the "human effects" as opposed to the

Commentary (Lenzi/Yalcin): Management of Patients With Cancer of Unknown Primary Site

April 01, 2000

The article by Drs. Hainsworth and Greco is a timely review of the management of patients presenting with metastatic cancer in the absence of a documented site of origin (cancer of unknown primary site). These patients constitute a significant proportion (approximately 5%) of all patients with cancer.

Discussing Disease Progression and End-of-Life Decisions

July 01, 1999

Because most patients now want to know the truth about their diagnosis and prognosis, the ability to discuss the cancer diagnosis, disease recurrence, or treatment failure, and to solicit patients’ views about resuscitation