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Surgical Cytoreduction for Ovarian Cancer: Issues Awaiting Formal Clarification

August 01, 2008

The magnitude of the role surgical exploration and extirpation play in the contemporary management of patients with advanced ovarian cancer is hard to overstate. Beyond diagnostic confirmation, the aggressive posture taken to remove bulk disease provides-among other benefits-symptomatic relief, theoretically enhanced immunologic integrity, chemosensitivity, and improved survival characteristics.

Commentary (Coleman): The Multidisciplinary Approach to Bone Metastases

June 01, 2003

Bone is the most frequent andimportant site of metastaticcancer and is responsible foran enormous clinical burden and demandon health-care resources. Blumand colleagues comprehensively reviewthe management of bone metastases,argue for a more integratedcare pathway, and underscore the importanceof bone-specific treatmentsin reducing skeletal complications tomaintain quality of life and physicalfunctioning.