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Commentary (Mannel): Modern Management of Recurrent Ovarian Carcinoma

September 01, 2005

In their article, Drs. Michener andBelinson make the case for treatingrecurrent ovarian cancer as achronic disease, with limiting morbidityand providing palliation of symptomstheir major goals. A review ofrecent literature would support their contention and management strategy.The cure rate for patients with recurrentovarian cancer is < 5%, and theaverage patient in the United Statesreceives more than five separate regimensof chemotherapy for recurrentdisease. Previous attempts at aggressivetreatment for recurrent disease haveshown, at best, very modest benefitwith significant expense and morbidity.What we are left with is a strategy oftrying to determine which patients maybenefit from aggressive salvage therapyand which are better managed witha chronic palliative attempt.