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Role of Laparoscopy in the Staging of Gastrointestinal Cancer

September 01, 1998

Accurate staging plays a primary role in determining the appropriate treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies. Recently, laparoscopy has emerged as a staging modality that is more sensitive and specific in staging most

Local Excision for Rectal Cancer: An Uncertain Future

June 01, 1998

In this extensive review of the literature, Weber and Petrelli have nicely placed into perspective and documented the methods used in and results of most of the studies on local excision for rectal cancer. Although I agree with many of their conclusions, it is difficult for me to agree with the title of their article, "Local excision for rectal cancer: An uncertain future."

Commentary (Beart/Ortega): Role of Laparoscopic Techniques in Colorectal Cancer Surgery

May 01, 1995

The authors have nicely reviewed many of the issues surrounding laparoscopic colon cancer surgery. However, we would like to offer a slightly different perspective on several points which they make.