Roxanne Nelson | Authors

CAR T-Cell Therapy in ALL: Formidible Challenges Remain

April 04, 2018

At the NCCN Annual Conference, Dr. Bijal Shah of Tampa’s Moffitt Cancer Center highlighted ongoing challenges in administration of CAR T-cell therapy.

New Oncology Care Model Unfolds From CMS

April 03, 2018

During the NCCN Annual Conference, Ron Kline, MD, FAAP, from CMS’s Innovation Center, discussed the Center’s pilot Oncology Care Model.

Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Slowly Moving Forward

March 26, 2018

Triple-negative breast cancer treatments being investigated include checkpoint inhibitors, agents that target the androgen receptor pathways, and antibody-drug conjugates.

Despite Evolving Treatment for Ovarian Cancer, Late Diagnosis Remains a Challenge

March 23, 2018

PARP inhibitors are offering new treatment options for ovarian cancer patients with known mutations, but early-stage diagnosis is still elusive.

‘Screening Smarter’ for Prostate Cancer

March 23, 2018

During the NCCN Annual Conference in Orlando, Dr. Peter Carroll from UCSF discussed the evolution of screening tests for prostate cancer.