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Commentary (Malkowicz): Organ Preservation in Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer

March 01, 2005

The most effective form of therapyfor muscle-invasive bladdercancer is radical surgery andurinary diversion. Numerous clinicalseries demonstrate stage-for-stage 5-and 10-year survival data that are betterthan that seen for other treatmentmodalities.[1] The widespread applicationof continent urinary diversionover the past 2 decades has furtheredthe acceptance of radical surgery, asit provides for the lost function ofvolitional storage and emptying ofurine. Even patients who undergo astandard ileal loop diversion generallytolerate it well and adapt to thealtered body image.[2]

Recent Developments in Chemotherapy for Bladder Cancer

June 01, 2001

Invasive bladder cancer is a chemotherapy-sensitive neoplasm. Historically, the development of cisplatin (Platinol)-based chemotherapy regimens has represented an important advance for patients with metastatic