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Commentary (Masciari/Garber): Evaluation and Management of Women With BRCA1/2 Mutations

October 01, 2005

The review by Beth Peshkin andClaudine Isaacs in this issue ofONCOLOGY is an excellentoverview of the recognition, evaluation,and clinical management ofwomen with BRCA1 and BRCA2mutations. It is comprehensive andpractical, and emphasizes the approachthat a risk assessment and clinicalgenetics program might take tothe evaluation of an individual concernedabout the possibility thathereditary breast/ovarian cancer predispositionmight be present in herkindred. The authors clearly and conciselypresent the risks of breast, ovarian,and other cancers associated withBRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carrierstatus, as well as some of the issues thathave arisen in the estimation of thoserisks. They provide a review of factorsthat may modify gene penetrance(cancer risks), and devote the finalsegment of their article to a clear andrational discussion of the surveillanceand preventive options available forthe management of the associatedbreast and ovarian cancer risks.