Author | Stefano R. Tarantolo, MD


Multiple Myeloma: Role of Allogeneic Transplantation

September 01, 2002

ByStefano R. Tarantolo, MD|Ralph Hauke, MD

In this article, Pandit and Vesole present a focused overview of allogeneic transplantation for multiple myeloma. Additionally, this article addresses the challenges of allogeneic transplantation, including continued relapse and treatment-related toxicity and mortality.

Commentary (Brand et al): Pancreatic Cancer in the Older Patient

July 01, 2001

ByRandall Brand, MD|Sajid Ansari, MD|Stefano R. Tarantolo, MD

Pancreatic cancer is a disease seen predominantly in elderly patients. Compared to younger patients, older patients are more likely to present with early-stage disease and, therefore, may be candidates for aggressive local