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Substance Abuse Issues in Cancer Patients:

May 01, 1998

The relationship between the therapeutic use of potentially abusable drugs for symptom control and the multifaceted nature of abuse and addiction is extremely complex. Research is only beginning to elucidate the

Prevalence of Substance Abuse Disorders in Cancer Patients

April 06, 1998

Drug abuse presents a complex set of physical and psychosocial issues that complicate cancer treatment and pain/symptom management. Most oncologists are not be well versed in either the conceptual or practical issues related to addiction.

Supportive Care of the Patient With Pancreatic Cancer: Role of the Psycho-Oncologist

September 01, 1996

Many people who are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer react with a normal level of sadness. In others, however, depression represents a concomitant illness, perhaps with a biologic basis. Regardless of their origin, these mood

Is it Drug-Related Akathisia, or Anxiety? A Diagnostic Dilemma

December 01, 1995

A 50-year-old man with multiple hospitalizations for chemotherapy for recurrent germ-cell carcinoma was admitted for nadir fever. A psychiatric consultation was requested for evaluation of anxiety and depression.