Vinai Gondi, MD | Authors

Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma-PART 2: Modern Therapeutic Management and Future Directions

February 15, 2018

In Part 2 of this review article, we discuss the management of primary CNS lymphoma, focusing in particular on systemic therapies and radiation, as well as provide clinicians with a comprehensive overview by covering the key investigations that have brought us to our current state of knowledge, and studies that may guide future interventions.

Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma-PART 1: Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Staging, and Prognosis

January 15, 2018

Here, in Part 1, we will provide an overview of the epidemiology of primary CNS lymphoma, followed by a discussion of the diagnostic and staging evaluation. We will also review the current prognostication systems for primary CNS lymphoma.