Vinay K. Jain, MD | Authors


Clinical Status and Optimal Use of the Cardioprotectant, Dexrazoxane

November 01, 1997

Dr. Blum has written a comprehensive summary of the natural history, pathology, prevention, and management of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity. His excellent state-of-the-art review updates readers on most of the recent advances in this field.

Commentary (Jain)-Hodgkin's Disease: Management of First Relapse

February 01, 1996

Drs. Yuen and Horning provide an excellent, detailed review of the current status of salvage therapy for patients who have relapsed after initial treatment for Hodgkin's disease. The authors cover the various scenarios that confront the oncologist who manages patients with this illness. Most patients who present with early-stage Hodgkin's disease (stage IA and IIA) are still treated with primary radiation therapy, although there is an increasing trend toward combined-modality therapy in early-stage disease. As is mentioned in the article, despite excellent complete response rates with current treatment, there is still a substantial rate of relapse, which can be as high as 25%.