Author | William E. Jones III, MD


ACR Appropriateness Criteria® Borderline and Unresectable Pancreas Cancer

July 15, 2016

ByWilliam Small, Jr, MD|John P. Hayes, MD|W. Warren Suh, MD, MPH|May Abdel-Wahab, MD, PhD|Ross A. Abrams, MD|Nilofer Azad, MD|Prajnan Das, MD, MS, MPH|Jadranka Dragovic, MD|Karyn A. Goodman, MD|Salma K. Jabbour, MD|William E. Jones III, MD|Andre A. Konski, MD, MBA, MA|Albert C. Koong, MD, PhD|Rachit Kumar, MD|Percy Lee, MD|Timothy M. Pawlik, MD|Joseph M. Herman, MD, MSc

These guidelines review the use of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery in borderline and unresectable pancreas cancer. Radiation technique, dose, and targets were evaluated, as was the recommended chemotherapy, administered either alone or concurrently with radiation. This report will aid clinicians in determining guidelines for the optimal treatment of borderline and unresectable pancreatic cancer.