Author | William F. Pirl, MD


Commentary (Pirl): Psychiatric Assessment and Symptom Management in Elderly Cancer Patients

October 01, 2005

ByWilliam F. Pirl, MD

Drs. Winell and Roth provide agood overview of the commonpsychiatric disorders andcancer-related symptoms in elderly individualswith cancer. Because of thelarge and growing percentage of cancerpatients who are over age 65, theauthors duly highlight the importanceof this topic. The article is highly relevantto the clinical practice of oncologyand detailed information is includedto help guide treatment options formajor depression, anxiety, delirium,and other cancer-related symptoms.

Psychological Complications of Prostate Cancer

November 01, 2002

ByWilliam F. Pirl, MD|Jeffrey Mello, MSW

Over the past decade, interest has been growing in the quality of life of men with prostate cancer. Traditionally considered a group with few psychological complications, 10% to 20% of men with prostate cancer are found to have clinically significant levels of psychological distress. This article reviews the prevalence of psychiatric symptomatology among prostate cancer patients, the psychological challenges of coping with the disease, and general guidelines for treatment. [ONCOLOGY 16:1448-1467, 2002]

Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression in Cancer Patients

September 01, 1999

ByWilliam F. Pirl, MD|Andrew J. Roth, MD

Depression is a common complication of cancer, occurring in about 25% of all patients. If left untreated, depression can contribute to poor treatment compliance, increased hospital stays, and mortality. Medical issues,