William R. Shapiro, MD | Authors

Distant Effects of Cancer on the Nervous System

November 01, 2002

The first descriptions of neurologic disorders in patients with cancer identified those who had peripheral neuropathy. Most neurologists thought these patients actually had a peripheral neuropathy secondary to the inanition associated with their cancer. Still other patients clearly had peripheral neurologic damage from chemotherapy (eg, vincristine).

Commentary (Shapiro): Management of Brain Metastases

July 01, 1999

Drs. Wen and Loeffler present a scholarly review of the management of brain metastases. They correctly note the high frequency of the brain as a site of metastasis and the fact that, overall, there are more metastatic than primary brain tumors.

Biology and Treatment of Malignant Glioma

February 01, 1998

A large number of oncogenes have been identified as aberrant in gliomas, but only the erbB oncogene (gene encoding the epidermal growth factor receptor [EGFR]) is amplified in an appreciable number. The loss or

Commentary (Green/Shapiro): Malignant Gliomas in Older Adults With Poor Prognostic Signs

March 01, 1995

Dr. Halperin evaluates progress in the treatment of adults with malignant glioma, with emphasis on older patients and those with a poor prognosis. He provides a good review of past clinical trials in this area, including, among others, trials conducted by the Brain Tumor Study Group (subsequently called the Brain Tumor Cooperative Group [BTCG]), with which we have been involved.