ONCOLOGY Vol 36, Issue 10 | Oncology

Clinical Trials in Progress: COBRA

October 15, 2022

Clinical Trials in Progress

Phase 2/3 Study of Circulating Tumor DNA as a Predictive Biomarker in Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients With Stage IIA Colon Cancer (COBRA): a first-in-kind trial seeks to provide level 1 evidence in evaluating the role of ctDNA as a guide for clinicians in the decision to administer adjuvant chemotherapy to patients with stage IIA colon cancer (NRG GI-005) (NCT04068103).

Clinical Trials in Progress: CIRCULATE-US

October 14, 2022

Clinical Trials in Progress

Colon Adjuvant Chemotherapy Based on Evaluation of Residual Disease (CIRCULATE-US): a prospective phase 2/3 trial of MRD-based adjuvant therapy for patients with early-stage colon cancer with intensified and deintensified adjuvant therapy approaches using ctDNA status as a surrogate for MRD status (NRG-GI008) (NCT05174169).

Paolo Tarantino, MD, Spotlights Treatment Trends for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 12, 2022


In an interview for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Paolo Tarantino, MD, discusses the importance of multidisciplinary care for patients with breast cancer, the most exciting data presented this year, and prospects for future research.