Author | Scott Kopetz, MD, PhD


Evolving Strategies for the Management of BRAF-Mutant Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

June 19, 2019

ByHey Min Lee|Van Morris, MD|Stefania Napolitano, MD|Scott Kopetz, MD, PhD

In this article, we review the characteristics of the BRAF mutation and the evolving strategies for managing BRAF-mutant metastatic colorectal cancer.

Advances in Molecular Subtyping of Colon Cancer

January 31, 2019

ByScott Kopetz, MD, PhD

Cancer Network spoke with Dr. Scott Kopetz about RNA-based subtyping and the challenge of spreading the word of the importance of biomarker testing in colorectal cancer.

Vemurafenib Delayed Progression in Metastatic, BRAF-Mutant CRC

January 23, 2017

ByScott Kopetz, MD, PhD

This video covers results of the SWOG 1406 study, which tested the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib in combination with irinotecan and cetuximab for patients with metastatic, BRAF-mutant colorectal cancer.

Picking the Right Road for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients

November 18, 2008

ByMichael Overman, MD|Scott Kopetz, MD, PhD

Davies/Goldberg Article Reviewed. The complexity of treatment options that now exist for patients with newly diagnosed metastatic colorectal cancer has increased dramatically over the past decade.