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A 56-Year-Old Man with an Intranasal Mass
September 20, 2019

A 56-year-old man presents with an intranasal mass. What is your diagnosis?

A 35-Year-Old Woman with Dyspnea
September 10, 2019

A 35-year-old woman presents with symptoms of dyspnea.  Chest films detects the presence of an anterior mediastinal cystic mass. What is your diagnosis?

A 23-Year-Old Man With Calf Pain
September 04, 2019

A 23-year-old young man presents with pain in his left calf.  A physical examination detects a mass in the calf area. What is your diagnosis?

A 53-Year-Old Man with Headache and General Malaise
August 29, 2019

A 53-year-old man presents with a headache and general malaise.  Diagnostic imaging identifies a mass in the brain. What is your diagnosis?

A 22-Year-Old Woman With Pain, Tenderness and Swelling in the Breast
August 19, 2019

A 22-year-old Caucasian woman presents with a four month history of pain, tenderness and swelling in her right breast. What's your diagnosis?

A 51-Year-Old Male With Abdominal Distention, Pain, and A Retroperitoneal Mass
August 14, 2019

A 51-year-old man noticed abdominal swelling and distention with intermittent abdominal pain, early satiety, and decreased appetite over the past several months. A computed tomography scan of the abdomen is performed. What's your diagnosis?

A 41-Year-Old Woman With a Mass in Her Breast
August 07, 2019

A 41-year-old woman presents with a palpable mass in her left breast. A lumpectomy is performed. What is your diagnosis?

A 53-Year-Old Man With a Cough, Chest Pain, and Dyspnea
August 02, 2019

A 53-year-old man comes in with a cough, chest pain, and dyspnea that he’s had for several weeks. Radiographic imaging of the chest reveals a mass lesion in the right lower lobe. What's your diagnosis?

A 23-Year-Old Man With a Soft Tissue Mass in His Abdomen
July 23, 2019

A 23-year-old man, with no history of malignancy, presents with a soft tissue mass in the left side of the abdomen. What's your diagnosis?

A 48-Year-Old Man With A Soft Tissue Tumor
July 16, 2019

A 48-year-old man presents with a soft tissue tumor in the right side of his chest.  The patient has a history of several bone fractures in the past.  What is your diagnosis?