Lisa La on Up-and-Coming Multiple Myeloma Research


Clinical researcher Lisa La discussed advancements in multiple myeloma research and where she hopes the field continues to expand.

In an interview with CancerNetwork®, Lisa La, director of clinical research in the Center for Cancer Care at White Plains Hospital in New York, spoke about how far multiple myeloma research has come and what excites her most regarding research moving forward.


Well, what excites me the most? I think I mentioned that I started 10 years ago in myeloma research…I started off as a coordinator doing research and at that time, we only had probably 2 or 3 FDA approved drugs for myeloma. Those were [lenalidomide] (Revlimid), bortezomib [Velcade], and I believe [cyclophosphamide] (Cytoxan). At that time, the study that I was working on was with pomalidomide, or Pomalyst.

And since then, as you can see in just the field of myeloma, it’s been like so many other options for myeloma patients, right? You have the carfilzomib [Kyprolis] you have…panobinostat [Farydak], you have daratumumab [Darzalex], you have all of these different drugs right in the immunotherapy [category]. And now with CAR [chimeric antigen receptor] T[-cell therapy], we’re hoping that…gets FDA approved. And now [we are also] looking at the bispecific antibodies, not just targeting…the same thing as [with] CAR T, looking at different targets like CD3 [and] GPRC.

So those are the exciting things about myeloma, that the landscape has changed so much [from] when I started 10 years ago until now. I’m very excited [for] myeloma in general…I have a soft spot for that. I know eventually I’ll probably go back in just focusing on myeloma. But I’m so excited to see…what are the most up and coming treatment options for patients even if it’s on clinical trials.

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