Medical World News® Inside the Practice: CancerNetwork® and Duke Herrell on a Novel Suturing Technique for Transurethral Anastomosis

CancerNetwork® shares its latest investigation into novel practices for rendering surgical management of prostate cancer from experts at Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering.

CancerNetwork® analyzed the development of a minuscule robot from investigators at the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering that has the potential to revolutionize surgical procedures for treating prostate cancer. Using a lifelike model, the team demonstrated that the device could remove prostate glands and tissues through the urethra as well as accomplish the difficult step of suturing the bladder to the urethra.

Duke Herrell III, a professor of urology and biomedical and mechanical engineering, providesd key insights into the development of the technology and what it means for the future of prostate cancer maintenance in this episode of Inside the Practice.

This segment comes from the CancerNetwork® portion of the MJH Life Sciences™ Medical World News