Oncology Peer Review On-The-Go: Value of Geriatric Assessment in Patients With Genitourinary Carcinomas


Lead author, Quirin Zangl, MD, spoke with CancerNetwork about research published in the journal ONCOLOGY focusing on the importance comprehensive geriatric assessment tools for patients with genitourinary carcinomas.

CancerNetwork examines research from the October issue of the journal ONCOLOGY, entitled “Value of Geriatric Assessment in Patients With Genitourinary Carcinoma” alongside lead author of the substudy, which was based on the previously published PERATECS3 project (NCT01278537), Quirin Zangl, MD, from the Department of Neuroanesthesia, at the Christian Doppler Hospital in Salzburg, Austria.

The research featured 111 patients with urogenital carcinomas with the goal of evaluating comprehensive geriatric assessment tools that may be utilized to better guide these individuals perioperatively. Patients were divided into 2 groups, consisting of prostate cancer (n = 88) and distal urinary tract cancer (n = 29). In this episode, Zangl discussed the relationships between comprehensive geriatric assessment tools and complications, hospital duration, death rate, and baseline characteristics were analyzed.

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