Welcome to the New Face of Oncology

Oncology, Oncology Vol 32 No 10, Volume 32, Issue 10

Introducing the new ONCOLOGY, with a new team and a new look.

Dear Reader,

I am so honored to be taking the helm as Executive Editor following the retirement of Sue Beck, who served readers with such integrity from 2010 until August of this year. Also delighted to be joining ONCOLOGY and CancerNetwork. com is Traci DeVito, our new Managing Editor.

It takes great intellect, empathy, and grit to succeed in Oncology. Traci and I have such reverence for oncologists, who commit to a calling that most people never could. We know that you share that same esteem for your peers, whose research, experiences, and perspectives are profoundly relevant to your own work.

In the 1987 inaugural issue of ONCOLOGY, our fi rst Editor, Robert E. Wittes, described a world full of medical journals, and yet one with a distinct gap when it came to professional insight that can be applied here and now. Although medical journals are even more prolifi c today, we know that our mission is also more important than ever.

We have renewed our commitment to bringing you the perspectives of key opinion leaders, augmenting our delivery and presentation in the process. Instrumental to our success are Editor Melissa Owen, Associate Editor Dylan Fisher, and Art Director Kristen Morabito. We also owe special thanks to Nicole Slocum, who stepped in to beautifully redesign the journal.

It is a privilege to serve you, and to facilitate intellectual connections between you and your peers across the United States and around the world. Our journal is your journal. By oncologists, for oncologists. Please let us hear from you, as an author or a reader. And welcome to the new ONCOLOGY.

Jennifer Leavitt

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