Alan Pollack, MD, PhD | Authors

Molecular Profiling in the Practice of Radiation Oncology

July 15, 2017

As specific candidate genes become more well established and gene expression assays gain sophistication, the value in clinical outcomes prediction and treatment selection is expected to transform the practice of radiation oncology.

Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer: Has the Time Come?

June 20, 2012

This review by Aneja et al provides an excellent discussion of prostate external beam hypofractionated radiation therapy and its potential benefits and pitfalls.

Evidence for Cure of ‘Young’ Men With Prostate Cancer

May 01, 2001

The report by Hanks and colleagues examines two controversial issues that are related to the treatment of prostate cancer with external-beam radiotherapy: (1) the outcome of younger vs older men, and (2) the relative risk of relapse with follow-up beyond 5 years. The findings of their study are important not only in addressing these points, but also because they shed light on another concern often raised by urologists.

Controversies in the Management of Stage I Seminoma

August 01, 1998

Current controversies in the treatment of stage I seminoma center on the relative roles of surveillance, adjuvant radiotherapy (RT), and adjuvant single-agent chemotherapy. Surveillance has been studied in over 800 patients,

Pretreatment PSA Best Predictor of Radiotherapy Failure

November 01, 1997

The single most significant predictor of the inability of radiotherapy to prevent biochemical failure is the pretreatment PSA level. Palpable stage and Gleason score are also important pretreatment prognostic factors and have been combined with PSA to construct a model to predict treatment outcome.