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Chemobrain: Is It Time to Initiate Guidelines for Assessment and Management?

September 15, 2014

Cognitive dysfunction during and following treatment for cancer, often referred to as “chemobrain,” is an adverse effect of cancer treatment that may interfere with patients’ ability to resume their precancer lifestyle, with subsequently reduced quality of life.

Assessing the ‘Fit’ Older Patient for Chemotherapy

July 15, 2014

Making appropriate treatment decisions for older adults with cancer is one of the most important challenges that oncologists face in daily practice, as the therapy selected depends on an assessment of the patient’s “fitness.”

Functional Assessment of the Older Patient With Cancer

July 01, 2008

The population of the United States and other industrialized nations is aging rapidly. The increased life span allows for longer exposure to carcinogens and the accumulation of genetic alterations. Thus, the incidence of cancer is increasing along with the aging of the population.