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Commentary (Jatoi/Loprinzi): Obesity and Cancer: The Risks, Science, and Potential Management Strategies

June 01, 2005

Dr. McTiernan provides a comprehensive,thoughtful overviewof several studies thathave focused on obesity and cancer.She discusses the preponderance ofdata that have shown both a directrelationship between obesity and thedevelopment of cancer as well as adirect relationship between obesityand cancer recurrence. Although bothrelationships are clinically relevant,the latter is particularly important tocancer health-care providers. Today,more than ever before, cancer patientsare diagnosed early and treated effectively,thereby yielding a sizable cohortof cancer survivors and potentialcancer survivors.[1] Understandingthe relationship between obesity oroverweight status and cancer recurrenceis now more timely than it hasever been.

Oral Complications of Cancer Therapy

May 01, 2002

Drs. Sonis and Fey provide a nice description of the problems associated with oral mucositis, information available regarding its etiology, and the cost generated by its treatment.

Current Management of Menopausal Symptoms in Cancer Patients

January 01, 2002

Menopause can be experienced prematurely by women with cancer and, as such, is often accompanied by symptoms that are becoming salient management issues. It is common practice to avoid estrogen replacement therapy in women with estrogen-sensitive tumors.