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Clinical Radiation Oncology

July 01, 2001

Clinical Radiation Oncology, edited by Drs. Gunderson and Tepper, is a first-edition textbook designed primarily for those

Surgical Approach to Organ Preservation in the Treatment of Cancer of the Larynx

June 01, 2001

The article by Dr. Weinstein is a discussion of the newer surgical options available for the treatment of patients with laryngeal cancer. Several aspects of the article deserve mention.

Oral 5-FU Alternatives for the Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer

October 01, 1998

The common clinical presentations of head and neck cancer include early (stage I or II) disease, locally or regionally advanced (stage III or IV, M0) disease, and recurrent or metastatic disease (< 5% of patients).

Concomitant Cisplatin, Vinorelbine, and Radiation in Advanced Chest Malignancies

October 02, 1997

Newer chemotherapy drugs have shown encouraging activity in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. Based on these improved outcomes, as well as the high rate of distant relapse in patients with locally advanced disease, several recent studies have evaluated the use of systemic therapy in patients with earlier-stage disease.

Phase I Study of Docetaxel and Concomitant Chest Radiation

July 01, 1997

Data from the Radiation Therapy Oncology Groupand Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group indicate that increased survival