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Commentary (Tepper/Kim): Are We Overtreating Some Patients With Rectal Cancer?

December 01, 2004

Adjuvant therapy, almost bydefinition, overtreats patients.It is the holy grail of those ofus involved in adjuvant therapy to definethe patients who are going to failso that we can decrease the incidenceof tumor recurrence and avoid givingadditional therapy to patients who havebeen cured by their primary treatment.

The Role of Amifostine as a Radioprotector

October 01, 2001

Effective radiotherapy for patients with cancer should include maximal tumor cell killing with minimal injury to normal tissue. Radiation doses that can be delivered, without causing severe damage to surrounding normal

Clinical Radiation Oncology

July 01, 2001

Clinical Radiation Oncology, edited by Drs. Gunderson and Tepper, is a first-edition textbook designed primarily for those

Role of Radiation Therapy in Retroperitoneal Sarcomas

December 01, 1996

Historically, patients with retroperitoneal sarcomas have had a poor prognosis. Surgical resection continues to be the standard treatment for these tumors. However, their anatomic location and large size at presentation often

Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer: Current Limitations, Future Possibilities

March 01, 1996

In an attempt to improve the grave prognosis associated with the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, researchers have explored a number of novel therapies. These include hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, radiopharmaceuticals, and novel chemotherapeutic agents.

Commentary (Blackstock/Tepper): Current Status of Radiation Sensitization by Fluoropyrimidines

August 01, 1995

The authors present a thorough review of the mechanisms and clinical effects of fluoropyrimidine radiation sensitization. As they discuss, abundant clinical data from multiple tumor sites show improved outcome when radiation is delivered in