Author | Deborah A. Boyle, RN, MSN


Managing Central Venous Catheters

January 15, 2013

Over 5 million central venous catheters are inserted annually in the United States. Yet the ‘ideal’ access device does not exist. A host of issues preclude optimizing central line care.

Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

December 31, 2012

Massage is considered a complementary modality in cancer care, used in tandem with medical therapies to promote comfort. The strongest evidence for the use of massage in cancer care suggests its ability to reduce pain and anxiety.

Role of Culture in Healthcare Decision-Making

December 16, 2012

Culture is a tool that its members use to assure their survival and well-being, as well as provide meaning to life. Conflict related to cultural beliefs within healthcare commonly arises during times of significant life change.

Preventing Exposure to Hazardous Drugs

December 01, 2012

Nurses can implement interventions in the workplace to prevent environmental contamination and personal exposure to hazardous drugs.