E. Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH | Authors

Current Trends in the Management of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

September 15, 2016

This review will summarize the current trends in the diagnosis and management of DCIS and will highlight ongoing trials that are shaping future management of this entity.

The Current Clinical Value of the DCIS Score

May 15, 2014

The DCIS Score provides clinically relevant information about personal risk that can guide patient discussions and facilitate shared decision making.

The Impact of Lobular Histology on Breast Cancer Treatment

April 15, 2011

Breast cancers of lobular histology are not frequently encountered, but are nevertheless the second most common histologic subtype of breast cancer after ductal adenocarcinoma.

Commentary (Hwang/Esserman): Surgical Management of Hepatic Breast Cancer Metastases

November 01, 2005

In this review of hepatic resectionfor metastatic breast cancer, theauthors argue that a small groupof women with isolated liver metastasesmay be appropriate candidates forsurgical resection. Although some datahave been reported, the few publishedstudies represent small, retrospectivesingle-institutional series with no standardizedcriteria for resection. Nevertheless,the potential prospect ofimproved patient outcome in the settingof liver metastases from breastcancer deserves further consideration.

Persistence of Lymphedema Reduction After Noninvasive Complex Lymphedema Therapy

January 01, 1997

Lymphedema continues to plague women after breast cancer treatment. The cosmetic deformity cannot be disguised with normal clothing; physical discomfort and disability are associated with the enlargement; and recurrent episodes of cellulitis and lymphangitis may be expected. Added to the physical symptoms is the distress caused unintentionally by clinicians, who are more interested in cancer recurrence and often trivialize the nonlethal nature of lymphedema.