Herbert Lepor, MD | Authors

Gleason 6 Prostate Cancer: Serious Malignancy or Toothless Lion?

January 15, 2014

There is strong evidence from longitudinal cohort studies of men with both treated and untreated Gleason 6 prostate cancer to suggest that Gleason 6 disease, when not associated with higher-grade cancer, virtually never demonstrates the ability to metastasize and thus represents an indolent entity that does not require treatment.

Contemporary Management of Prostate Cancer With Lethal Potential

June 01, 2004

Virtually every management decisionrelated to prostate canceris highly controversial.Should we screen men for prostatecancer with prostate-specific antigen(PSA)? If so, what are the proper cutoffvalues? If we detect an early prostatecancer, is treatment warranted? Ifwe find an aggressive cancer, is treatmenteffective? If treatment is deemedwarranted, what is the optimal managementstrategy (radical prostatectomyvs radiation therapy)? If radicalprostatectomy is selected, should theprocedure be performed roboticallyor via an open approach? If radiationtherapy is selected, does eitherbrachytherapy or external-beamirradiation offer an advantage? Isthere a role for neoadjuvant hormonaltherapy in men undergoing definitiveintervention?