Hsiao C. Li, MD | Authors

Gemcitabine and Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Metastatic Breast Cancer

December 02, 2004

Although anthracyclines and the taxanes comprise the most activefirst-line cytotoxic treatments in patients with hormone-insensitive orlife-threatening metastatic breast cancer, many patients progress andrequire other chemotherapeutic agents. Development of new combinationsand/or agents is thus needed. Gemcitabine (Gemzar) and platinumcompounds have been employed as single agents, and the additionof gemcitabine to the platinums results in significant clinical benefitand response rates. Correlative biologic studies are expected fromseveral already-reported trials and may help elucidate predictive factorsfor both response and toxicity when combining gemcitabine andthe platinums. Trials incorporating these doublets in earlier stages ofbreast cancer or in the neoadjuvant setting may further elucidate theirrole in breast cancer treatment.