Jeff M. Michalski, MD, MBA | Authors

PSA Screening for Colorectal Cancer Patients: Proceeding With Caution

October 15, 2013

It may be appropriate to offer prostate cancer screening to carefully selected men with a previous history of colorectal cancer. However, the risks and benefits of establishing the diagnosis in this setting need to be considered and discussed with them.

Clinical Trials and Radiation Oncology Technologies

April 14, 2009

At the very start of their clinical training, radiation oncologists tend to embrace technology. The specialty draws a preponderance of technophiles to it, and those few who are not at first passionate about technology quickly become so.

Routine 3D Treatment Planning: Opportunities, Challenges, and Hazards

August 01, 2000

Three-dimensional (3D) treatment planning refers to the use of software and hardware tools to design and implement more accurate and conformal radiation therapy. This is a major advance in oncology that should lead