Joseph G. Fortner, MD | Authors

Management of Primary and Metastatic Tumors to the Liver

June 01, 1996

This comprehensive report summarizes the current management of primary liver cancer and of metastatic colorectal cancer in the liver. Numerous tests to help define the location and stage of disease have been evaluated. It now appears that spiral CT with arterial portography is superior to other nonoperative methods in evaluating liver tumors. Immunoscintography using monoclonal antibodies is currently under development and appears to be of potential great value. Subclinical, micrometastatic disease is the bane of all efforts at surgical control of cancer. An ability to detect this would have far-reaching consequences. Complete evaluation of patients with these diseases must include a medical evaluation, including liver function tests and a chest CT. Particular attention must also be paid to cardiac, pulmonary, and renal function.