Joseph W. Kim, MD | Authors

Mechanisms of Immunotherapy Resistance in mCRPC: Identifying the Enemy on the Visceral Metastatic Battlefield

November 15, 2014

Clinical trial results to date show that men with visceral CRPC metastases do not benefit from ipilimumab, while their counterparts with bone- or node-only metastases do. This suggests that visceral metastases should be a stratification factor for future immunotherapy clinical trials.

Prospects for Targeting PD-1 and PD-L1 in Various Tumor Types

November 11, 2014

In this review, we will discuss the current status of several anti–PD-1 and anti–PD-L1 antibodies in clinical development and their direction for the future.

Improving Harmonious Precision

October 23, 2012

During the past decade, targeted therapeutics have changed the landscape of cancer therapy with bold brush strokes, but the resulting images are still unclear. As we enter into the second decade of targeted therapy, our increased understanding of tumor biology together with cancer genomic sequencing tools will clearly show the way forward. It is imperative that we use these fine brushes, not only to improve precision, but in the end to realize the art of medicine.