Michael B. Farnell, MD | Authors

Commentary (Sarr/Farnell): Combined-Modality Treatment for Operable Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

March 01, 2005

Pisters and colleagues from theM. D. Anderson Cancer Centeroffer a state-of-the-art discussionof the staging and treatment ofpancreatic cancer. Their treatise addressesmost of the current issues ofcontroversy surrounding this diseasefrom a largely nonparochial standpoint,and should serve as a primerfor the multidisciplinary approach tothe treatment of pancreatic ductal cancer.Their call for and justification ofregionalization of treatment in patientswith potentially resectable diseaserings true with virtually all nationaland international studies that have examinedthis topic from the aspect ofmorbidity, mortality (and thus survival),duration of hospitalization, andof course in our current economic climate,cost.[1-7] This topic should nolonger be considered controversial.