Michael Frumovitz, MD, MPH | Authors

Small- and Large-Cell Neuroendocrine Cervical Cancer

January 15, 2016

Small- and large-cell neuroendocrine tumors of the cervix are exceedingly rare and exceedingly aggressive.

Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Node Biopsy in Vulvar, Vaginal, and Cervical Cancers

May 01, 2008

Over the past 15 years, lymphatic mapping and sentinel lymph node biopsy in vulvar, vaginal, and cervical cancers have been explored by gynecologic oncologists around the world. Based on the results of multiple single-institution studies, most in our field are optimistic that these techniques will increase the rates of detection of lymph node metastasis while decreasing the morbidity associated with lymphadenectomy. Large validation studies are currently underway in both the United States and Europe. In this review article, we present the published data on mapping techniques and discuss future considerations for these technologies.