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Integration of Palliative Care Into Comprehensive Cancer Care: Accountable Collaboration

November 30, 2011

n their article, Dennis et al call for timely integration of palliative care into standard oncology care and sustained collaboration between these two specialties, to provide comprehensive, individualized care for patients with advanced, incurable cancer and their families.[

A 38-Year-Old Man With Pancreatic Cancer

May 01, 1999

Michael H. Levy, MD: This 38-year-old white male first came to his physician in January of 1993 complaining of epigastric and low back pain. In March of 1993, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that was metastatic to his

Pain Control in Patients With Cancer

May 01, 1999

Pain is the most common symptom of advanced cancer. For most cancer patients, pain can be controlled with

A 15-Year-Old Boy With Primitive Neurectodermal Tumor

May 01, 1999

Dr. Peter Staats presented the case of a 15-year-old, 40-kg boy with a primitive neurectodermal tumor located in