Author | Richard J. Boxer, MD


Commentary (Boxer): Management of Sexual Dysfunction After Prostate Brachytherapy

January 01, 2003

The current ONCOLOGY articleby Drs. Merrick, Wallner,and Butler is a valuable additionto the literature. An estimated189,000 American men were diagnosedwith prostate cancer in 2002,and 30,200 died of the disease, makingit the most common cancer amongmen, and the second most commoncause of cancer death.[1] The treatmentshave led to a high rate of cure,but the results of treatment oftencause a reduction in quality of life.

Pain Management in Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer

November 01, 1999

In a recent poll of the American people, cancer was cited as the disease that most Americans (53%) feared would end their lives. Even though heart disease is 50% more likely than cancer to cause an American to die, it is the concern of only 37% of Americans. Among the African-American community, 78% believe that cancer is a major problem, and 17% believe it is a minor problem. Of American women, 40% are very worried that they may develop breast cancer.