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Commentary (Bunn/Witta/Kavanagh): Brain Metastases in Small Cell Lung Cancer

July 01, 2004

Quan and colleagues have providedan important and timelyreview on the treatment ofbrain metastases in patients with smallcell lung cancer (SCLC). We certainlyagree with the comments and viewsof the authors, but wish to emphasizeseveral aspects of central nervoussystem (CNS) metastases in SCLCpatients.

Commentary (Witta/Bunn): Second-Line Treatment of Small-Cell Lung Cancer

February 01, 2003

In this issue of ONCOLOGY, Dr.John Eckhardt provides an excellentreview of the challenge oftherapy for patients with small-celllung cancer (SCLC) who relapse afterfirst-line therapy. Dr. Eckhardt outlinesthe prognostic factors influencingresponse to second-line treatment,survival, and treatment-related toxicity.These prognostic factors includethe response to first-line therapy, theprogression-free interval, and performancestatus. The influence of the chemotherapyregimen and the durationof treatment on symptom palliationand quality of life are also discussed.Dr. Eckhardt provides an excellentsummary of the activity of multipleagents in the second-line setting.