Tami Borneman, RN, MSN, CNS, FPCN | Authors

Improving the End-of-Life Experience

April 07, 2009

Hospice care continues to be underutilized. Indeed, owing to untimely referrals, many patients who begin hospice care unfortunately die shortly thereafter, having never received the full benefits provided by hospice. In her excellent article, Dr. Prince-Paul provides a case example that demonstrates the familiar multifaceted issues faced by cancer patients nearing end of life and discusses how hospice care could be of tremendous benefit to the patient, family, and professional.

The Oncology Nurse's Role in the Informed Consent Process

July 01, 2007

Cancer clinical trials are a necessary component of the effort to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Essential to this process is the informed consent of the individuals who participate in these research studies. The purpose of this article is to describe patient, provider, and informed consent process issues with presentations of data reported in the current literature. The role of nursing in the facilitation of informed consent is discussed.