Author | Ursula Stier, MD


Continuous Low-Dose GM-CSF as Salvage Therapy in Refractory Recurrent Breast or Female Genital Tract Carcinoma

April 02, 2005

ByChristian M. Kurbacher, MD, PhD|Jutta A. Kurbacher, MD|Eva-maria Cramer, MD|Kerstin Rhiem, MD|Peter K. Mallman, MD, PhD|Ralf Reichelt, PhD|Uwe Reinhold, MD, PhD|Ursula Stier, MD|Ian A. Cree, PhD

Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF,sargramostim [Leukine]) is a powerful cytokine that is able to stimulatethe generation of dendritic cells. Adjuvant treatment with continuous lowdoseGM-CSF has been shown to prolong survival of stage III/IV melanomapatients. Data on continuous low-dose GM-CSF therapy in tumorsother than prostate cancer are still lacking.