ONCOLOGY Nurse Edition Vol 25 No 2 | Oncology Nurse Edition

Four-Gene Signature Predicts Aggressive Prostate Cancer

February 17, 2011

In a study reported in Nature online on February 2, researchers describe a four-gene signature that was more accurate than the standard Gleason score test in predicting which patients would die from metastatic spread of their prostate cancer.

Eribulin, a Microtubule Inhibitor for Metastatic Breast Cancer

February 16, 2011

After IV administration, the human plasma protein binding of eribulin at concentrations of 100 ng/mL to 1,000 ng/mL ranges from 49% to 65%, and drug is eliminated (mean elimination half-life) in 40 hours.

Falls Are Key in Patient Assessment and Planning

February 16, 2011

Falls and the risk of falls are critical health concerns that can impact cancer treatment and recovery. In 2007, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that more than 18,000 older adults in the United States died from injuries sustained from falls (CDC, 2010).[1] Older people diagnosed with a malignancy and who are undergoing cancer treatment using chemotherapy have an increased risk of falls.[2]

Evolution and Opportunity

February 16, 2011

It is my pleasure to start 2011 by adding a new professional responsibility to my résumé, that of Editor-in-Chief of ONCOLOGY Nurse Edition. Although ONCOLOGY Nurse Edition is a relatively new publication, now entering its fifth year, the journal boasts a readership of 15,000 oncology nurses nationwide.

Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention

February 16, 2011

Patient falls are a common cause of morbidity and are the leading cause of injury deaths in adults age 65 years and older. Injuries sustained as result of falls in a cancer hospital are often severe, regardless of patient age, due to the nature of the underlying cancer.

Counseling High-Risk Women About Breast Cancer

February 16, 2011

While 90% of cancers occur as a result of factors related to lifestyle, the environment, or aging, 5% to 10% of cancers are passed down from generation to generation. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in American women.

Care of the Older Adult With Cancer

February 16, 2011

One area in which to start is to ensure that colleagues are aware of the 2007 Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Position Paper on cancer in the elderly.[8] This position paper lays out the landscape of caring for older adults with cancer both in terms of problems to date and future initiatives to address.


February 16, 2011

Yoga, an ancient tradition that originated approximately 5,000 years ago in Central Asia, is a complete system of mental and physical practices for health and well-being. Predominantly practiced within the philosophical context of Ayurvedic medicine in India, yoga as a mind-body therapy is now also increasingly popular in the West, practiced by approximately 15 million individuals.