Oncology Vol 30 No 9

Ready, Fire, Aim: Addressing Issues Associated With Multigene Panel Testing for Cancer Susceptibility

September 15, 2016

Panel testing has important advantages but is being misused due to payer constraints and laboratory marketing pressures. Much testing is haphazard and results in utilization of limited genetic counseling resources in the discussion of variants of uncertain significance and low-penetrance gene mutations.

When to Use Prophylactic Antibiotics in Neutropenic Patients

September 15, 2016

Current guidelines recommend antimicrobial prophylaxis with fluoroquinolones in patients at high risk for infection-related morbidity and mortality, but this practice provides a short-term benefit to individual patients.

Data on Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Encumbered by Opinion

September 15, 2016

Despite the much higher risk of local recurrence with lumpectomy and radiation compared with mastectomy, multiple retrospective studies and prospective randomized trials have established that survival is the same; however, this may not be so for the individual patient, depending on the type of recurrence.