2-Minute Drill: Closing Thoughts on the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting


Thought leaders from various institutions offered their closing thoughts the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Following the 2023 ASCO Annual Meeting, Ruemu E. Birhiray, MD, Hematology Oncology of Indiana; Sameer A. Parikh, MBBS, Mayo Clinic; Javier Pinilla, MD, PhD, Moffitt Cancer Center; and Nakhle Saba, MD, Tulane University School of Medicine, share their closing thoughts from the meeting.

The participants had 15 seconds each to give their response.

Kahl: So we touched on a lot today, and you know, thank you all so much. So before we get to the points, 15 seconds each, just closing thoughts, Dr. Pinilla?

Pinilla: So I will that [what was] important, and important points [were] in Hodgkin lymphoma. [There] may be a lot of things coming in multiple myeloma. And I think we're going to really see much more at EHA this summer.

Kahl: Alright, Dr. Birhiray?

Birhiray: So I cannot forget my solid tumors, a lot of activity in breast cancer. I mentioned the ribociclib [Kisqali] data. And also brain tumors, you know, the IDH-inhibiting drug was a significant improvement in outcomes for patients. So a lot of opportunities.

Kahl: Absolutely. Dr. Parikh?

Parikh: I think it is just a testament to all the hard work everyone puts into geting patients [into clinical] trials and also thankful, you know, for all the patients who participate in these clinical trials because it takes a lot of effort. And I think I'm just supremely optimistic about the future for all patients with all kinds of hematologic and solid tumor malignancies.

Kahl: Absolutely. And Dr. Saba?

Saba: I second Samir, with what he said. Very exciting times, indeed, in terms of cancer drug discovery, particularly in lymphoma. So now we just [need to] discover that magic recipe out of those great ingredients out there to achieve more cure.

Kahl: Thank you all again. And our winner, we actually have a tie. It's Dr. Saba and Dr. Birhiray. So congratulations to our tie breakers. You guys can have bragging rights and we welcome you back hopefully to break that tie in the future. That's all the time we have for today. Thanks for joining CancerNetwork for 2-Minute Drill, where we offer unscripted, rapid insight on the most recent cancer conferences. I'm your host, Kristie Kahl. Have a great day.

Transcription edited for clarity.

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